Most times we aren’t thinking the same thing even when we seem to agree.

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Picture this. You’re working with a team of 5 on a project about something you all are very passionate about. Everyone decides to set up a call on Google meet where you brainstorm and discuss your wonderful ideas. Tasks are distributed and you agree to meet again in 1 week to share your progress reports.

1 week later and, alas! Nothing fits with the other.

While the easy culprit would be that your team members weren’t listening, more often than not, that’s not…

You ever meet a really attractive person and lose interest after the first conversation? Or meet a ‘great guy’ or ‘great girl’ but they’re not ‘your type’?

If you’re reading this article, it’s either of three things: you’re having an uneventful day on WhatsApp because your crush isn’t texting you back or you’re just a really supportive friend (and I appreciate you for that) or you, like many others have been curious or confused about what UI/UX means.

There has definitely been a lot of talk going on about this UI/UX thing in recent years and has become something of…

Mosorire Aiyeyemi

I write because you should know too UX | Products | Energy | Sustainability

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